Thursday, 22 September 2016

Its been a while!

Apologies for the lack of posts on here. I'm trying to get my house back to a liveable state after almost a year of building work and frankly time is short.

I've had to put all shoots on hold, all promotional activity like this blog, twitter etc. As a result the site is suffering financially (isn't it always?) so its time to get my act together.

Here are a few from our Olympics earlier this year for those that missed it. what did you think? by the way I'm selling the team kit to anyone thats interested. I have 4 sets, all unwashed since the filming ;-)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New girls part 3

Last in the current batch of new girls this year. I stress so far this year, I'm not finished on my hunt for new talent! 

First up is young Leigh, very new to modelling and never done a peeing shoot before for sure. Secondly (and I think my favourite newbie of the year) is Misha Mayfair. Fairly new to the porn industry but certainly no stranger to the fetish side of life. Expect much more from her in the coming months and hopefully years.


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New girls part 2

Second instalment of our new girls this year.

We start with Karen who struggled start to finish, did this one poor scene and never tried again. Enough said. Then we have Savvy who got busted by a car during her very first scene and didn't flinch. Leia who is a peeing demon and happy to have her am I! This was her worst scene by a mile but I still love it. And finally a one off from Kandi filling a jug and then pouring it on herself; probably should get her back for a volume test! 

There are more to come and as ever, your comments please.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Some new girls

So some of you will have noticed old Sneaky has been chasing the new girls with a passion this year, with 9 debutants already and its not even June. I thought I'd check how these ladies had been received, so as a reminder here's a few shots of the first three, all of which were filmed by somebody else because I had run out of time and almost material!!!

So here are the very naughty Carmel Cox, bombshell Scot and super butt Ashley Rider and American import Demona. Your thoughts people?


Monday, 25 April 2016

Isabella is back!

I actually never thought this could happen but check out the latest update and it really has! Some of you may know that Isabella and I used to be married but some time after her retirement we split up really quite spectacularly; hence i could never see her coming back.

However, she contacted me out of the blue saying that she'd got back in shape, really missed doing it and wanted to shoot some more scenes. So we have shot a few and this is the first. Its a truly epic pee, just what you'd expect from her, she's lost none of her capacity I can assure you. There are also some fabulous close ups of that pussy just gushing the piss. Enjoy the Queen of Pee once more!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Dear God Tina!!!

Is anyone surprised that this piece of madness was Tina's idea? No, thought not.

She said she fancied doing this, I said I thought it was a bit risky given the view the flats opposite have of her balcony. "I know" she said. "Last time I was filming a hard lesbian scene on the balcony someone called the police and they came round asking us to stop!" Marvelous.

We went for it anyway. She pees what feels like forever, with a procession of passers by and cars down below her, totally oblivious to the flood being created above them. Two points to note; she's on the cover of the magazine she's reading and the slippers!! She's a star.