Friday, 12 September 2014

The Desperation Game part 3

So in this part Ayla Skye is still ploughing her way through the jug of paper slips with the forfeits. These included showing us her bottom with cheeks pulled apart and show us your whole body. This was a little bit shaming I guess but really all she wanted to do was be allowed to pee!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Desperation Game part 2

In this installment Holly finally pulls the "Now you can pee!" slip. You can see how happy she is in the first picture! Notice also how she blasts said slip of paper towards me with her jet of pee!!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sneakypee presents The Desperation Game

Many of you will remember the tv show The Generation Game. Well I was thinking about this and Holly's deperation blow job challenge from last year. I came upon the idea of creating something that kept the girls desperate to the point of pain, but then made them go through various forfeits and challenges with the possibility of being allowed to pee at anytime. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "The Desperation Game".

Each girl has a pot in front of her with little bits of paper with the forfeits written on them. They take it in turns to take out a piece of paper, read it aloud, then complete the task. Included in the pot is the "now you can pee" slip, but obviously they don't know which is which. The game could be over in moments if they are lucky, but could take a long time if they are unlucky, which I guess is where the jeopardy angle comes in. To give you an idea of some of the forfeits, here are what I have so far;

"Show us your breasts"
"Show us your bottom"
"Show us your pussy with your knickers pulled out in front of you"
"Describe your desperation right now"
"Remove an item of clothing"

Easy so far right? Here's a few more..................

"Jump on the spot 10 times"
"Do 10 squats"
"The other girl must lick your breasts for 30 seconds"
"The other girl must lick your pussy for 30 seconds"
"Drink another glass of water"

Some more? Here goes....................

"The other girl must press your bladder for 30 seconds"
"Show us your bottom with cheeks spread apart"
"Show us your pussy with the lips pulled wide apart"
"Give a blow job or hand job or receive a 5 minute penalty"
"Have a man pee on you or receive a 10 minute penalty"

The first of these games went live today, and I hope you'll enjoy them. I have already shot another one and hope to do several more before I hang up the camera for the year. 

Below are pictures of Holly Kiss and Ayla Skye's forfeits before they were allowed to pee. I'll post a few of the pee pictures later this week. Oh and Ayla's torment went on for much longer than Holly's!

Holly jumping on the spot; she said she was pretty sure she leaked!

Ayla showing the pussy straight out

Ayla causes Holly some bladder distress!

Holly dives in!

It was meant to be a forfeit not enjoyable!!!

Holly gets Ayla back

The squats caused Ayla much distress!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Introducing Skye

Skye is one of our new girls this year and one of the most naturally beautiful we've had in a long long time. I usually try and avoid woods or fields as I think its just a bit too easy, a cop out if you will, for a pee producer to not bother being somewhere more risky and urban.

With Skye however I thought her "wood nymph" kind of look lended itself to this environment. Oh and she can certainly pee!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Finally, finally, finally I got Tina Kay on Sneakypee!!

Every now and again, a girl comes into the adult industry and absolutely blows it's socks off (amongst other things tee hee!) I'm thinking of the likes of Lolly Badcock or Michelle Barrett for instance. Well right now it is undisputedly Tina Kay.

I've been trying to get her on here for a long time but what with her TV channel commitments and her shooting for various producers pretty much 7 days a week she has proved ellusive, booked up over a month in advance. Finally got to film with her last week and discovered immediately what all the fuss is about. She is a delight to be around. Very girl next door look and yet I know from looking around she's about as filthy as they come! A gorgeous East European accent, a great pisser and willing to take serious risks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the debut of Tina Kay! Expect loads more if I can just get another date or two in the diary.....................

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some wetting for a change

Totally appreciate this isn't for everyone but I get asked for this so much I figured I'd do a double scene featuring the art of wetting. This site will never be about wetting but there is sometimes a cross over. Tara and Minx asked if they could piss their shorts and I figured why not.

They really did enjoy themselves and it seems got very turned on by it judging by the messages I got later. Even so, I promise there will be no more this year.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

One of the best debuts ever?

I filmed Aruba Jasmine recently on her first ever peeing shoot with her friend Chessie Kay. Aruba was very nervous, worried she would get stage fright and be unable to pee in front of me and the camera. She needn't have worried.

This was the first scene we shot and its a cracker. She looks fabulous, pisses loads and was genuinely happy to empty her bladder as she was feeling so desperate. In my view its one of the best debuts we've ever had. Any thoughts?