Thursday, 22 October 2015

Debutant Lu Elissa

In all the excitement of the mass of debutants I brought you this year, I feel that the debut of lovely Lu Elissa was somewhat over-looked. So I'm going to put that right today.

I found Lu on twitter, she's @lu_elissa for those that are interested. She posts a lot of topless and naked selfies and the occasional video clip. Its hard not to notice someone that has a body like that and a really lovely natural smile. I knew she does some glamour type modelling, but her levels are normally way below sneakypee standard, so it took some persuading but boy was it worth it! She's a lovely lady, very funny and was very good in front of the camera and as you saw can really pee.

I really like the close up shots of her pussy here; very tidy if I may say so.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Third batch of new girls this year

So here we are again with another batch of new talent that have been gracing our screens over the past few weeks.

Zara Tee is a friend of Jessica Jay. Never modelled before but took to this like a duck to water so I was very happy to pick up such an exclusive new face. Jessica K=Jay has been in the industry a while now, mainly as a strict mistress in Derby but turns out she's a very good pisser too, real power squirts.

Brook Logan can be seen on one of the Adult TV stations here in the UK. She must be one of the prettiest girls awe've had on here in a while. She looks so young but trust me I did check her ID!

Bumped into Shawni at Jessica's studio as she was already there doing a shoot for someone else. We started chatting about what I do and less than an hour later we got this one off scene. I may well try and get her back for a full shoot if enough of you guys like the look of her. She can certainly pee for one so small.

Last but certainly not least is the truly gorgeous Lu Elissa. I started chatting to her on Twitter as she has an account there promoting her mainly glamour modelling stuff. She too does the Adult channels but also does lots of topless stuff for the lads mags etc. so again this was quite a step up for her in terms of levels. A delight to work with, she got this straight away and I believe will become big on Sneakypee in the future.

Let me know what you think guys.

Zara Tee

Jessica Jay

Brook Logan

Shawni's pussy


Lu Elissa

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Who wanted piss vandalism again?

I seem to remember one particular individual on here asking for more clips of girls pissing all over the place where they shouldn't. I coined the phrase pissing vandalism and explained that that isn't really what sneakypee is about.

However, when this shared public toilet made itself known to me and having Lissa Love with me it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss. She really did make a big mess of the place and you can see by the last picture just how much she enjoyed it! So here you go. Some pissing vandalism

Friday, 24 July 2015

What a debut pairing

Further to the post about our second batch of debut ladies I thought it was worth putting a special spotlight on Jessica and Nikki. 

These two came as a double act but it wasn't that straight forward. I had booked Char Marie, who then also booked Jessica for me. Char then couldn't make it so Jessica booked her best friend and lover Nikki. You can imagine how happy I was when I met the pair of them together at the station! They looked great but could they pee? Oh yes indeed!

The stills here were from their first scene we shot and the standard did not decrease, far from it. On a normal shoot each girl will do 4 scenes; on this day they managed 6 cracking scenes each!!! Not only that but old Sneaky felt a million dollars waliking into bars with them as they are both beautiful ladies and very very tall; a really striking visual feast.

I think you'll find their legs are far enough apart as well!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Second batch of new girls for the year

Yes Sneaky has been very busy sourcing some new talent for you, some well known names making their debuts and some you will never have heard of. 

In order of appearance we have Sarah Jane; a well known party girl in the UK, famous for doing the party scene (bukkake and gang bangs) but also as a very cute bbw model. She can also be very rude (watch this space)

Sarah Kelly; largely known for her own domination stuff but also as a sometime hardcore porn girl. One for you milf lovers me thinks.

Jessica and Nikki; must confess I knw very little about them, although I think they are both tv chanel stars and generally only work to glamour levels. They needed some persuasion to come and work for us and it was well worth the effort. Man can they pee!

Lola Day; very very new in the world of adult entertainment. Usually works in the bdsm scene but stepped over for us. Also very rude and a lover of pee drinking!

Plenty more new girls on the way

Sarah Jane



Sarah Kelly

Lola Day

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Introducing Cherry and welcome back Vickie

Had the great pleasure to do a shoot a few weeks ago with gorgeous Charlotte, returning friend Vickie Powell and newbie to all this Cherry Blush.

As you can see from these pictures, Vickie can still power piss with the best of them, oh and still wear outrageous tops in public (pic 1) but the bigger surprise of the day was just how easily and how well Cherry lost her "pissing on camera cherry". She's a beautiful natural looking girl and I think you're going to love her. Thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Chloe's pussy close up

Those that have seen this scene will know that I really put her through the desperation before I would let her pee. She was dancing around like a loon! When she finally squatted down she was peeing before her knees were bent!!

Anyway the idea was to get some really good close up shots of that meaty lipped pussy and I think that gets a big tick!!