Monday, 25 April 2016

Isabella is back!

I actually never thought this could happen but check out the latest update and it really has! Some of you may know that Isabella and I used to be married but some time after her retirement we split up really quite spectacularly; hence i could never see her coming back.

However, she contacted me out of the blue saying that she'd got back in shape, really missed doing it and wanted to shoot some more scenes. So we have shot a few and this is the first. Its a truly epic pee, just what you'd expect from her, she's lost none of her capacity I can assure you. There are also some fabulous close ups of that pussy just gushing the piss. Enjoy the Queen of Pee once more!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Dear God Tina!!!

Is anyone surprised that this piece of madness was Tina's idea? No, thought not.

She said she fancied doing this, I said I thought it was a bit risky given the view the flats opposite have of her balcony. "I know" she said. "Last time I was filming a hard lesbian scene on the balcony someone called the police and they came round asking us to stop!" Marvelous.

We went for it anyway. She pees what feels like forever, with a procession of passers by and cars down below her, totally oblivious to the flood being created above them. Two points to note; she's on the cover of the magazine she's reading and the slippers!! She's a star.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Last one from Lu?

Lu Elissa made her debut at the beginning of last summer, and has made a huge impact judging by the feedback I get. I met her via Twitter, where she is best known as a glamour model (lads mags, adult tv stations) and regular naked selfie Tweeter. She's now also known for her peeing ability!

This was the last scene I shot with her and decided that she absolutely had to get those fantastic natural tits out for us. She also has a lovely looking pussy and pisses steadily and for a good while rather than with a big jet that lasts seconds. I'm hoping she'll come back and do more this year. Who knows.


Friday, 22 January 2016

Holly the Queen of Squirt

We all know Holly Kiss is the Queen of Squirt. This scene came about because Lissa Love pointed out these recycling bins and was telling Holly about her scene a few years back sitting on such bins. Holly immediately said "well I'm doing it then!"

Lissa added some complexity by placing a handy shopping basket in front of her to aim at. Of course she hit it!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Not quite a Christmas special

Over the years I've often filmed and posted special scenes over the festive period but this year I just didn't get time. In fact, I usually have everything filmed by September to cover right through until end of May but that just didn't happen. Partly I was busy elsewhere but also there simply wasn't enough money in the account to pay the girls for any more filming. Yes, times are hard.

Regardless, when I shot this very lovely scene with the even lovelier Faye Taylor dressed in a red near Christmas-like outfit I knew we were in business. Fuck me she's gorgeous!!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

A question of naming and ethics?

An interesting topic today, and one for which I don't really have the answer.

I posted pictures of the deliberately un-named girl below on here a few months ago as part of a "introducing new girls" topic. I also posted a few pictures of her on my Twitter feed and named her on there although did not tag her as I didn't know she had an account. She found the post and asked me via a third party to take it down as it was causing her problems with her followers, friends and her financial slaves. She had received payment for the scene and signed a model release form.

Going back 10 years ago I filmed 4 scenes with the lovely Robyn Hunter, who received payment and signed a model release form. I recently received correspondence from a company selling my dvds under license, asking if I had the model release form for the shoot with Robyn as she was requesting the dvds she featured on to be removed from sale. Her reason was that at the time she thought the scenes were for private consumption only, not for a published porn site. Utter nonsense! 

I am unable to find the paperwork, my fault I know, but as a result I have no choice but to agree to the removal from sale of the titles in question. These are not isolated incidents. Very recently two other very popular debutants from this year contacted me requesting I remove posts of them on Twitter. These are full time models that signed a model release and received payment for each scene.

To be clear, a model release form effectively gives me the right to do with the images whatever I wish. So is it right to refuse to remove or un-tag girls if they are getting grief? If I do so should I get the modelling fee back? Or is it just a case of tough shit babe? Answers on a postcard...............

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Making up for lost pussy

So the last time Vickie Powell featured on a blog post we had a long discussion about why her pussy wasn't visible in the scene, which was very interesting. This was her next scene to go up and there is indeed plenty of pussy on show and a hell of a good stream btw!

In her next scene which went up last week I actually had to crawl on the floor to get a view up her skirt of her pussy, so don't say I don't try!!